Saturday, April 24, 2010

Is it a money prayer? o.0

Salam. Hey, I found this 'doa'! We usually mention the people and things dat are dear to us when we pray. Today i realised, "Boleh tak ek doa mintak duit?" Pernah sekali dua je kut i mention money in my prayer. -.-
"Oh God The Almighty! In this humble prayer, I ask to be a millionaire. And I asked fr ur wisdom, to shine in the money kingdom. I can be an alms giver, and still have money leftover. I can bring cash fr my dearest family. I can go for umrah every year and holidays somewhere."

Frankly speaking, I do appreciate money and I love the good things that money can bring to me, and my loved ones. Syukur alhamdulillah~ ;) jelez ya orang kaya2? Er..kinda. Jelez sikit ja kut. kui3
One group waits in line to throw money away, while the other waits to multiply their money.
;D i wish i'm in the 2nd group. Naa..which group are you in? *Jangan tiru2 aku..=p*


Amanina said...

tiba-tiba teringat orang selalu buang duit kat tmpt2 bersejarah macam telaga. kononnya ada untung. haihhh. bazir sungguh.

Asfarina =) said...

haah..baik derma.. ni cm bwt bnda khurafat je..huu mudah2an dpt hidayah nty..amin~